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4 months ago

Try the smallest of steps down the path rather than grand resolutions #newyear

5 months ago

Emma always finds her way into the shot of my video sessions. She knows what she is doing!
#telehealth #therapydog

5 months ago

I've joined the Physicians for Human Rights asylum network. I hope I can be of help to people fleeing their home countries by documenting evidence of torture & persecution.

6 months ago

Along with our divisions, here is something we all share.

6 months ago

Esther Perel's podcast "Where Should We Begin?" is so good...real couples in a 1x session with Esther. Riveting.

6 months ago

Bodies are a small part of who you are. I guarantee it's not what your friends and family love about you. Live your life, focus on the things you truly value. One of my favorite statements from ... See more

6 months ago

Physicians for Human Rights has found that this administration's tearing babies & children from their families seeking asylum is cruel, inhumane & meets the criteria for torture. Of course. 545 of ... See more

6 months ago
IAEDP Greater Philadelphia

"Nutrient Power for the Brain: Inclusion not Exclusion in the Treatment of Eating Disorders" Therapists & students join us Friday 11/6 for a Zoom Greater Philly IAEDP event (CEs too!)

Join us on November 6 on Zoom with Center for Discovery! Register for this Zoom event by visiting www.tinyurl.com/iaedppa116

6 months ago
Photos from Dr. Christine Marston's post

Therapists getting through 2020!

7 months ago
Survivors Memorial

Sexual assault survivors are honored in Minneapolis. "The mosaic represents that even broken pieces can be put together to create something whole and beautiful. The ripple effect represents the ... See more

Memorial to Survivors of Sexual Violence

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