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2 weeks ago
Eating Disorders in Teens Have ‘Exploded’ in the Pandemic

My phone has been ringing like never before. The pandemic brought a perfect storm of isolation, loss, uncertainty and teens putting their energy into food and fitness goals that take on a life of ... See more

Here’s what parents need to know.

4 weeks ago

I'm delighted to welcome Adrianna Vernace to my practice this summer! Adrianna is a doctoral level trainee who will be seeing clients under my supervision from May through August. She would be an ... See more

2 months ago

Last call for our equine therapy recovery group event! We have openings in the adult session only. This Saturday 1pm. Call Molly Mitnick by Wednesday to register 570-977-6689. Socially distanced with ... See more

2 months ago

Last opportunity to sign up for our teen virtual eating disorder recovery group starting this Friday with Molly Mitnick! She's great at connecting with teens. I so appreciate any shares...many need ... See more

2 months ago

March 6th Equine Therapy Recovery Group Events now sponsored by Newport Healthcare! My co-therapist Molly Mitnick shared this "Meet the Team." I've never been called spunky before but I'll take it 🙂

Meet the team!

Dr. Christine Marston is a licensed psychologist specializing in Eating Disorder recovery. She is spunky, kind, light hearted, a lover of animals and a true healer!

Me! Molly ... See more

3 months ago

Molly Mitnick, Cowboy Brad at Harmony Hollow Run & I are offering a powerful & healing group equine experience for people in eating disorder recovery. Large indoor arena, masks & social distancing. ... See more

3 months ago

Given the influx of teens developing eating disorders during this pandemic Molly Mitnick & I are offering a virtual eating disorder support group for teens. Starting soon! Contact Molly 570-977-6689 ... See more

3 months ago
Penguins weigh in at the Saint Louis Zoo

Unless weighing yourself is as adorable as watching penguins get weighed, just don't! You don't need to manage your gravitational force on earth, & doing so interferes with your ability to trust & ... See more

#KeeperPerspective Time for a weigh-in! Keepers routinely weigh our penguins to monitor their health. The birds are accustomed to the scale and some are a li...

3 months ago
IAEDP Greater Philadelphia

Another great free virtual training for professionals from my colleagues at IAEDP Greater Philadelphia on eating disorders & gender divese clients, 2 CEs.

3 months ago
Biden To Nominate Transgender Doctor Rachel Levine As Assistant Health Secretary

This is especially exciting to me as she is an eating disorder expert & advocate. I can stil hear her voice calmly guiding us Pennsylvanians, "My mask protects you, & your mask protects me."

Dr. Rachel Levine is currently the secretary of health in Pennsylvania, where she leads the state's fight against COVID-19.

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