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2 months ago
IAEDP Greater Philadelphia

Hi therapists & students! Join us Friday for a Zoom Greater Philly IAEDP eating disorder presentation (CEs too!)

Join us on Zoom on Friday, September 25, for our next CE event! tinyurl.com/925iaedppa

3 months ago
As a client, why choose Brainspotting?

COMING SOON to my practice! Brainspotting is an advanced brain body technique for healing emotional trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

There are many therapy techniques out there, why should you choose Brainspotting? Find the answer in this video. Brainspotting (BSP) was discovered in 2003 by…

3 months ago

Willpower, judgement & food rules ain't even a thing! Intuitive Eating is for everyone who wants a better & easier relationship with food. It's listening to your body as you decide what to eat & how ... See more

3 months ago

The Carolyn Costin Institute's definition of true recovery from disordered eating. People read this and say..."That sounds great, but is it possible?" Yes, it is possible.

3 months ago
Photos from Dr. Christine Marston's post

Elevating the farm office with a sign matching our entrance! Thanks Bob Shaw Signs

3 months ago
Juggling The Jenkins - Tiffany Jenkins

Hey moms making decisions about school...can you relate to this cast of characters? You got this!

New Video! If My Brain Held A Morning Meeting: PART 3

4 months ago

Might you be depressed? This link will take you to an easy legit measure of depression: the PHQ9. If you score a 5 or greater, therapy can really help.
#therapist #recovery

4 months ago
Photos from Dr. Christine Marston's post

Molly Callaghan, M.A. (Molly Mitnick) has joined my practice! Molly is a great therapist experienced in trauma & eating disorders, a certified yoga instructor & a gentle cool spirit that is so easy ... See more

4 months ago

Beautiful guidance from Esther Perel on how to build trust & stay connected with "sliding door moments." We all have people we care about with fundamentally different perspectives.

5 months ago
Celeste Barber

#celestebarber challenges are hilarious, but this one is just truth. People are their most beautiful when they allow their body to be what mother nature intended
#edrecovery #haes #recoverywarriors.

Kim do yourself a fucking favour and just buy the next size up!

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